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Jazz Champagne Brunch

Honoring Emory W. Williams
Sunday April 1, 2012
11am – 3pm – Zhivago Restaurant
9925 Gross Point Road
Skokie, IL 60076
Entertainment provided by: Bobby Broom
No reservation required, please feel free to join us for the fun and pay at the door!

Emory Williams was born in St. Louis Missouri and completed his pre-collegiate in the public school system in Missouri. Upon graduation he attended Fisk University in Tennessee and North Central State University in Durham, North Carolina where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in social science. Subsequently, he earned a Master’s Degree in couseling and guidance from Temple University in Pennsylvania. His professional career began as a special education teacher and counselor in the PA. public schools and later joined the psychology faculty at Tennessee State University. He relocated to Illinois and was employed as a special education teacher for the Chicago Public Schools, then as Director of Guidance and basic education for the East Chicago Heights, IL. system. The majority of his experience in public education has been at Evanston Township High School as Vocational Counselor and Director of Cooperative Education. He has served this system for 28 years.

Mr. Williams has held responsible positions in several organizations among them Trustee and Board Chair of Oakton Community College, NAACP Executive Board, and the Second Baptist Church.

In addition to impressive credentials and experience in elementary, secondary, and collegiate education, all who know him in these settings have noted his superior personal attributes of earnest support and belief in the capabilities of young people. He has been a superior mentor and coach to many and the consistence of his encouragement and trust has served as a model of dignity, integrity and perseverance.